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Aviation Day 2015

On February 28, 2015 Chapter 99 hosted their twelvth Aviation Day at Vero Beach Airport. Although Mother Nature did not cooperate for much of the time the B-17 was here and certainly tried to wash out Aviation Day, both events were a success in our minds. Not the best, but definitely two events that showed our Chapter´s and our members´ dedication and commitment to bring aviation to the public. About 700 visitors braved the elements and came to Aviation Day 2015.

Click on a photo for enlargement:

1aviation-day-entrance1.jpg 2aviation-day-rainy-day1.jpg 3aviation-day-b-17-inspection1.jpg 4aviation-day-b-17-wing1.jpg
5aviation-day-oh1.jpg 6aviation-day-flight-sim1.jpg 7aviation-day-uboat1.jpg 8aviation-day-flight-sims1.jpg
9aviation-day-helix1.jpg 10aviation-day-light-sport1.jpg 11aviation-day-sheriff1.jpg 12aviation-day-b-17-front1.jpg

All photos are the work and property of Jose Gibert. We would like to thank him for his exceptional photocoverage of the event. To see more of Jose´s excellent work, click to check out his portfolio or copy and paste this link into your browser:

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