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The Experimental Aircraft Association is a worldwide, diverse and growing non-profit organization of members with a wide range of aviation backgrounds and interests. EAA was founded in 1953 and focuses on communication and people. You don�t have to be a pilot to join the EAA, just love flying or anything about airplanes. Whether you are interested in building, buying or owning an airplane, dream about flying, or just enjoy being around airplanes, this organization is the place for you.

The National Organization

You will find all kinds of helpful information, i. e. get flight advisory, read about the annual celebration for EAA members, the EAA AirVenture, find technical counselors, learn about Young Eagles Flights or contact the headquarters for Homebuilders, Kids Corner and much more. Plus find a link to join the national EAA.

Local Chapter 99, Vero Beach, FL

Formed early in EAA�s history, Chapter 99 of Vero Beach is one of the oldest chapters. "Who we are" tells about our history.

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