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Aviation Day 2008

This was the best Aviation Day we have had so far! Enjoy our seven minute slide show of the event, then read on:

On Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008, an estimated 3500 visitors took advantage of the excellent weather and came out to Vero Beach Airport. 68 aircraft of all kinds and models were on static display, among them a classic 1944 DC-3, biplanes, Navy T-45 Jet Trainers, law-enforcement and corporate helicopters. Several aircraft manufacturers displayed new production aircraft like Piper, Cessna, Mooney, and more. Inside the hangar were RC control model aircraft, model rockets and our EAA Chapter 99 flight simulator. Because of the perfect weather, there was plenty of aerial activity for visitors to see. Arriving and departing airplanes flew several formation passes, and airplane and helicopter rides were given all day.

Both local newspapers reported on Aviation Day 2008:
Press Journal, Feb. 10 2008 / Hometown News, Feb. 15 2008

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