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Aviation Day 2012

On Saturday, March 16, 2012 Chapter 99 hosted their tenth annual Aviation Day at Vero Beach Airport. The weather couldnt´have been better: Blue skies, warm sun and light breezes. Our decision to push back the event into March again paid off. About 3300 visitors came to take a close look at the approx. 50 airplanes including a B-25 and T-6 that were brought in by History Flight. Some of the new additions to this year's event included the Grumman OV-1D Mohawk and the Douglas A-4C Skyhawk.

Our members Bill, Landis and Lars were interviewed by George Maher and live on WTTB. George  has put an informative video on his web site and on YouTube. Check it out: George Mahar Show

Click on a photo for enlargement:

p1120722a.jpg p1120747a.jpg p1120760a.jpg p1120805a.jpg
p1120826a.jpg p1120860a.jpg p1120861a.jpg p1120876a.jpg
p1120905a.jpg p1120918a.jpg p1120954a.jpg p1120968a.jpg

Several talented local photograpers attended Aviation Day 2012. They have given their permission to link to their photo accounts. Enjoy their amazing work, but please, before pulling photos from their sites for more than personal enjoyment, contact the owners.

Our friend Jeff (Finktel Jr Productions) has posted 65 Aviation Day shots and has documented his ride in the T-28C on his flickr account.

Scott has probably taken thousands of shots. To see the top 180, visit Scott Boileau Fine Art Photography. We are looking forward to his presentation on April 10, 2012!

Read what the local press reported about Aviation Day 2012:
Enthusiasts amazed by displays at Vero Beach - TCPalm.com, March Feb. 16, 2012

Thousands come out for high flying fun at Vero Beach - veronews.com, March 18, 2012

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