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Aviation Day 2010 at Vero Beach Airport

The morning of Sat., Feb. 13th was overcast, cold and blustery - not an ideal setting for an airport event. But in spite of the weather, the event went on as scheduled. The cold and wind kept many people inside, and a number of the expected participants were no-shows as well.
Those who did brave the elements were treated to a day of aviation fun, including helicopter rides, formation fly-overs, and a variety of static-display aircraft. Noteworthy were an Aero L-39 Albatross military jet trainer (painted to resemble a US Navy Blue Angels Aircraft), a beautiful Pitts Model 12 biplane, and an immaculately restored Consolidated PT-6A biplane. All told, the airport welcomed over 40 aircraft and many local businesses that participated in this 8th annual event. Aviation Day visitors were able to climb aboard a Customs and Border Patrol HH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and a US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopter, the largest helicopter in the US Military inventory. The Piper Jet did several flight demonstrations during the day.

Inside the airport terminal visitors enjoyed vendors like the Piper Shop, Angel Flights Southeast and the FAA Safety Team. Popular were our three flight simulators and Mrs. Barry Vincent Smith, who never got tired of telling stories and conversing with visitors.
In spite of the not so perfect weather, Aviation Day enabled the public to safely experience and enjoy the Vero Beach aviation scene up close. That in itself makes the event a success. Event organizers will soon begin the planning for Aviation Day 2011, with warmer weather and calm breezes at the top of their wish list!

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