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Learn To Fly Saturday for Youth Guidance Group - 2010

On January 30, 2010, Chapter 99 hosted a special “Learn-To-Fly Saturday” for a group of 13 kids from the Youth Guidance Program of Indian River County. The Youth Guidance Mentoring and Activities Program was founded in 1973 to serve the children of the community and focuses on raising the childrens´ self-esteem.

This event has been initiated by Mike D. and the local Rotary Club. With the mission of the program in mind, the kids should get an idea what Aviation has to offer.

After a brief introduction and a tour of Flight Safety by Keith, the kids were divided into three groups and rotated our stations: Flight Sims with Alex and Breakfast served by Gene and Vernon / Static Display of Gerd´s Mooney and Joel´s Schatzy with Todd explaining what makes an airplane fly / Building with Ken and his Velocity. The kids had a great time and were fascinated by the simulators and planes. Thanks  to all who helped!

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P1080569a1.jpg P1080577a1.jpg P1080584a1.jpg P1080590a1.jpg P1080605a1.jpg
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