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A big Thank You to Vero Beach Municipal Airport for allowing us to publish their article as it appeared in the "Vero Beach Flyer", Spring 2006 issue.

EAA´s B-17 "Flying Fortress"


In early November 2005, local Chapter 99 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) and the Vero Beach Municipal Airport hosted a genuine piece of aviation history - a fully restored and operational Boeing B-17 bomber. The EAA brought their B-17 to Vero Beach as part of its national tour on the afternoon of October 31, where it was greeted by a crowd of people anxious for a chance to see and tour the aircraft. For 3 days, the bomber was available for walk around tours, interior tours, and flight experiences.
Since 1944, EAA´s B-17 has made an annual tour around the USA promoting interest in aviation, preserving the memory of World War II and giving many thousands of people unique access to an important historic artifact through flight experiences and tours. Since EAA began the tours of the aircraft known as "The Flying Fortress", tens of thousands of people have experienced this unique airplane through its visits and aircraft ground tours. Thousands of aviation enthusiasts have actually flown in the renowned bomber, which is consicered one of the greatest military airplanes ever built and one of the best known aircraft types of the World War II era.

To download another article printed in the "Hometown News" on October 21, 2005 announcing the B-17 visit, click here.

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