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A big Thank You to Vero Beach Municipal Airport for allowing us to publish their article as it appeared in the "Vero Beach Flyer", Spring 2004 issue.

Historic B-17 Aircraft Visits Airport


On November 4-6, 2003, as the result of efforts by local Chapter 99 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the Vero Beach Airport received a visit from the EAA Foundationīs fully restored B-17 aircraft, referred to as the "Aluminium Overcast". The aircraft, which was originally delivered to the U.S. Army Corps on May 18, 1945, was subsequently purchased by a group of investors and donated to the EAA Aviation Foundation in 1983. Since that time, a 10 year program of restoration and preservation was completed by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers at the EAA Foundationīs Oshkosh, Wisconsin headquarters. The Aluminium Overcast completed its first national tour in 1994, and has completed tours during the spring and fall of each year thereafter. During 2003, the aircraft visited 32 locations in 16 states before returning to its home in Oshkosh. In addition to enabling people to discover more about the B-17 bomber, the tourīs mission hopes to increase awareness of the EAA and its many programs. Funds generated during the tours help finance ongoing restoration and maintenance of the B-17, as well as other historic airplanes in the EAA Aviation Foundationīs collection. Between 1935 and May of 1945, 12,731 B-17s were produced, and 4,735 were lost during combat missions. Today, fewer than 100 B-17 airframes exist and fewer still are in airworthy condition. EAA Chapter 99 meets at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the T-hangar complex off 2703 Flight Safety Drive. A "Learn To Fly" Open House is held on the fourth Saturday of each month at the same location.


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